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How We Build Custom Homes

When you choose to work with NuHaven, you can have confidence in our process, professionalism and that we’ll fulfill the promises we make to our clients. Our goal is to make luxury home design and custom building simple and straightforward. You can count on transparency and collaboration from our team. Depending on whether you want to be hands-off or more involved during your custom home build, we’ll work with you to keep you informed without feeling overwhelmed.

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General Steps

Here are the general steps and what you can expect when you build with NuHaven.

Initial Consultation

During this first meeting which may include an initial site visit, we take time to understand our clients’ needs and define the overall vision for your custom home. This is where we ensure your project goals are outlined and we consider your budget, timeline and expectations.

Barnsley Park Ooltewah Builders
Barnsley Park Ooltewah Builders

Setting the Scope & Finalizing Design Plans

If you are building a truly custom home, you are part of the decision-making process from the blueprint to the final walk through. This means a constant collaboration between the architect and designer, the home builder and homeowner. At this stage, we work together to approve the plans, finalize the budget, and determine the timeline for the build.

Construction Kick-Off

Groundbreaking is the beginning of your luxury home construction process. After your lot is graded and the foundation is marked, we bring you to the site to approve the work and ensure the placement is exactly to your liking.

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Barnsley Park Ooltewah Builders


This where we get to work for you. NuHaven handles the ordering, scheduling, tradesman and every little detail needed to build your custom home. Framing in is an exciting time where the visions for your home will begin to take shape. While we work through this process, we’ll stay in constant contact with you to keep you connected and informed.


Before the interior walls are drywalled, a walkthrough is completed to ensure final placements of all the rooms, closets and storage areas. When construction is complete, additional time is set aside for you to inspect the properly – including the exterior, landscaping and ground surfaces, electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the interior spaces of your home. We’ll work with you to ensure every detail and finish is complete and you’re satisfied with our work.
Custom Home Builder Ooltewah
Barnsley Park Ooltewah Builders

Support & Warranties

After we turn over the keys, NuHaven will set our proactive warranty dates. That’s where we check in with you see if any areas need our attention or should be repaired. We do this because we stand behind our work and care about maintaining the highest reputation with our clients.

The NuHaven team is always available to answer questions and provide more details about the services we offer. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call (423) 668-0488.

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